About us

Together for the production of tomorrow

The German Academic Association for Production Technology is a consortium of leading German professors of production technology. The 64 members from 37 university and Fraunhofer institutes stand for approximately 2,000 scientists of production technology. In the German scientific world as well as internationally, they have a high reputation and a worldwide network.

The WGP member institutes dispose of third-party funding far above average. The members’ laboratories show a high technical standard and allow top-level research as well as practice-oriented teaching.

The WGP does research in the field of basic research as well as applied and industrial research. At this, the technical orientation extends from the cutting and non-cutting production processes over the corresponding machines and plants, from robotics and assembly technology up to questions of production management, work structuring and production logistics.

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Aims of the WGP

The WGP represents the interests of research and teaching in production technology vis à vis politicians, the public and representatives of economy. The aim is to raise the awareness of the significance of production and production science for society and Germany as a location because its role as a driving force for growth and wealth and a prospering economy is often underestimated. Therefore, the WGP also takes a stand concerning societally relevant future topics such as innovation strategies in the production area of Industry 4.0, technology for an aging society or the lack of specialists. It positions university research by advising politicians in the initiation of research projects and framework programmes and co-designing the latter. By means of its production academy, it promotes the transfer of knowledge of research results into industry. In addition, it is the aim of all WGP members to train young people to become responsible personalities for research and industry. By means of practical teaching, often complemented by the element of a learning factory, they strive to promote excellent young scientists and high potentials for companies.

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