Designing the future for humans

The science committee of the WGP regularly discusses topics of the future for production technology so as to conduct research on the pulse of the times.

These topics represent the core of the WGP scientific work.

Resource-efficient and low-emission production

  • Increase of the efficiency and high-temperature materials
  • Resource-efficient plant engineering
  • Resource-efficient plant engineering


Digitalization and networking

  • Standardization
  • Overall concepts for comprehensive industry 4.0 concepts
  • Solutions with big-data technologies
  • Digital shadow
  • Cyber-Physical Production Systems (CPS) in engineering


Renewable energies

  • Production technology for photovoltaics, wind power
  • Energy efficiency in production technology
  • Energy flexibilization in the German industry


High-performance manufacturing processes

  • High-Performance-Cutting HPC
  • Intelligent and cost-efficient manufacturing technologies for mass products
  • Flexible and highly-automated manufacturing concepts


Electric mobility

  • Electric engines
  • Lightweight construction concepts, lightweight construction and structural materials
  • Assembly and joining technology, hybrid manufacturing technology


Medical technology

  • Therapy, diagnosis, rehabilitation, HomeCare, surgery planning and imaging systems
  • Sensor technology, control technology, navigated control
  • Surface technology and bio-medical materials


Age-appropriate technology and products

  • Device development
  • Interdisciplinary co-operation of product development, work sciences and medicine


Additive manufacturing

  • Qualification of new materials and manufacturing technologies
  • Development of innovative process chains