Hamburg, April 20, 2023 – The researchers of the WGP (Scientific Society for Production Engineering) now also present their current work results from production engineering on LinkedIn. “With this, we want to further simplify and accelerate the transfer of knowledge from universities to industry,” says Prof. Jens P. Wulfsberg, President of WGP.

The association of leading German professors of production engineering has already been present on LinkedIn with its WGP Efficiency Initiative since June 2022. In view of the acute energy crisis, the 72 scientists had set themselves the goal of showing manufacturing companies ways in which they can save energy. “There are numerous solutions, some of which can be implemented in the short term and without major financial outlay,” Wulfsberg knows. The initiative was then also well received and has found over 500 followers over a short period of time.

“However, solutions for greater energy efficiency are not the only measures for innovative production that still need to become better known. Opportunities for digitization, automation or AI applications also need to be more widely disseminated to ensure that our industry remains competitive,” Wulfsberg warns. “That’s exactly what we want to achieve, and social media is exactly the right way to do it these days.”


Free instructions for tomorrow’s production

Followers and interested parties will therefore be presented with the collected solutions of the total of 42 research institutes twice a week since March 2023 – an impressive catalog of measures can already be found on the channel. “The research conducted by WGP members covers the entire spectrum of production, from production planning, process design and resilient production systems to innovative products and stable value chains,” Wulfsberg emphasizes. “As a result, we now play the entire claviature of production technology on LinkedIn. But beyond that, what makes this channel so exciting is the exchange with our followers and interested parties. We want to engage in more dialog with them – explicitly also with politicians. After all, when the German government emphasizes the importance of sustainable production for the future of the country, WGP with its research work is exactly the right contact. For more than 85 years, we have been developing new technologies that make our production ever more efficient, resilient and sustainable. Industry representatives and policymakers get the knowledge they need to do this delivered free on our LinkedIn channel.”


WGP on LinkedIn:



Cover Image: WGP on LinkedIn, Source: WGP

Image 2: Prof. Jens P. Wulfsberg, President of WGP, Head of the Manufacturing Technology Laboratory (LaFT), Helmut Schmidt University, Hamburg, Source: LaFT Hamburg